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Equine Assisted Awakenings

The chaotic shifts that our world is experiencing, can trigger a new awareness of surfacing  emotions.  There is opportunity now to realize our individual brilliance and make new choices that are more in alignment with our authentic self. This experience of rapid growth can also expose the shadow, as well as  patterns of habitual behavior. However, sometimes we don't know how to get clear. In this

time of flux, many of our previous tools no longer serve the soul, while a new understanding of the emerging self is calling to be activated.

Harmonizing sessions being facilitated with the horses offers deep guidance through the maze of self inquiry.  Graceful reflections unfold while communing

with nature, breathing with the pine trees  and synchronizing with your truest self.  When you enter the world of the horse, you step into a dimension of no time. While communication is silent and subtle, the messages are deep and poignant allowing gentle realizations to create profound transformations. New clarity is awakened.

The equine guide is like no other.

Whether you are working through past trauma's, going through a transition, experiencing confusion on your life's journey or you just want to connect to the healing energy of an equine being, our sessions are varied and can be customized. 

With the guidance of a counseling therapist, we also offer specialized self awareness programs  for youth and teens that would thrive in an environment of connection, relationship, leadership, understanding boundaries and somatic awareness.  Individual and group sessions available.

Sessions are facilitated by Adrienne Youngblood, EGE Equine Guided Educator.

To inquire about upcoming sessions or to arrange your own private or group experience,  send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!


More Information About Adrienne Youngblood.


"Your horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you might not like what you see.

Sometimes, you will. "   ~Buck Brannaman


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